Tuesday, July 5, 2011

10. Government Business Interface - Topical Notes

State participation in business, Interaction between Government, Business and different Chambers of Commerce and Industry in India; 
Government’s policy with regard to Small Scale Industries; 
Government clearances for establishing a new enterprise; 
Public Distribution System; 
Government control over price and distribution; 
Consumer Protection Act (CPA) and The Role of voluntary organizations in protecting consumers’ rights; 
New Industrial Policy of the Government: liberalization, deregulation and privatisation; 
Indian planning system; 
Government policy concerning development of Backward areas/regions; 
The Responsibilities of the business as well as the Government to protect the environment; 
Corporate Governance; 
Cyber Laws.

Monetary and fiscal policies; Cooperative socities; EU; New Industrial Policy; Full Convertability of rupee; Liberalisation; Globalisation; Export Incentives; FERA and FEMA; Privatisation; LPG phenomena; Tertiary Sector; GDP Sectoral Change; Budget Impact; Disinvestments; Environment protection; Business Cycles; Regional Economic Cooperation; Corporatisation; Direct Action Global Environment; Corporate Governance; Economic Planning; Credit Policy

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