Tuesday, July 5, 2011

5. Financial Management - Topical Notes

Goals of finance function; 
Concepts of value and return; 
Valuation of bonds and shares; 
Management of working capital: 
Estimation and financing; 
Management of cash, receivables, inventory and current liabilities; 
Cost of capital; 
Capital budgeting; 
Financial and operating leverage; 
Design of capital structure: theories and practices; 
Shareholder value creation: dividend policy, corporate financial policy and strategy, management of corporate distress and restructuring strategy; 
Capital and money markets: institutions and instruments; 
Leasing, hire purchase and venture capital; 
Regulation of capital market; 
Risk and return: portfolio theory; CAPM; APT; 
Financial derivatives: option, futures, swap; 
Recent reforms in financial sector.

Financial and Operating Leverage; Fund Flow and Cash Flow Statement; Working Capital; Cash Management; Dividend Policy; Budgeting; Investment, Financing and Dividend decisions; Capital Budgeting; Operating Cycle; Simulation Techniques; Optimal Short term financing; Debt Equity Norms; Payback period; Return of Investment; Recievables; Funds Utilization Management; PSU Financial Management; Indian Capital Market; Debentures; Cost of capital; IRR; Capital Structure; Capital Investment and Expenditure; Cash Budget; MBO; Cost of Equity; NPV; NPV vs IRR; Lease; Discount rate; Break Even Analysis; WACC; Financial Planning; Syndication; Performance Budgeting; Economic Value Chain; Venture Capital; CAPM;

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