Tuesday, July 5, 2011

9. Management Information System - Topical Notes

Conceptual foundations of information systems; 
Information theory; 
Information resource management; 
Types of information systems; 
Systems development - Overview of systems and design; 
System development management life-cycle, Designing for online and distributed environments; Implementation and control of project; 
Trends in information technology; 
Managing data resources - Organising data; 
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Expert systems, e-Business architecture, e-Governance; Information systems planning, Flexibility in information systems; 
User involvement; 
Evaluation of information systems.

Computerised MIS; Maximin, Minimax, Laplace, Minimax Regret; DSS, MIS, Expert System; MIS Evaluation; MIS Limitations; IT Revolution; MIS Advantages; IT Trends; Systems Design; Information System; Strategic IT Platform; Database Models; IT and Strategic Alliance; Systems Development 

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