Tuesday, July 5, 2011

9. Management Information System - Topical Analysis

1.      Answer the following questions (1989)
1.      A company is planning to install a fully computerised Management Information System. How should it go around and what should it do?
2.      Discuss the limitation of computers in management decisions.
2.      The following problem has four alternatives and five environmental states. Find the most desirable alternative under each of the following methods:
1.      Maximin.
2.      maximax
3.      Laplace
4.      Minimax Regret.
3.      Critically evaluate the status of Management Information System (MIS) prevailing in a large organisation. What impact does the implementation of programmed decision-making have on the management system of an organistion? (1990)
4.      What are some of the factors responsible for the low impact of computer based MIS and in organisation? How does a DSS differ from an MIS and an Expert system? In what kind of task can expert systems be applied? (1991)
5.      What is the role of computers in Management Information System? Discuss the limitations of computers in this regard (1993)
6.      Before the invention of Computers, the Business Houses were operating on the basis of Manual Reporting System (MRS), as their Management Information System (MIS). Today, we have Computerised Management Information System (CMIS). Comment arid compare, the applicability and utility of these two systems in Indian Industrial Scene. (1996)
7.      How has the role of management changed in this era of Information Technology (60)? (2001)
8.      Information Technology Revolution
9.      Changing trends in Information Technology.
10.  Examine the advantages of Management Information System for a service organisation. What are the functions in which it differs from the Management Information System application in manufacturing organisation (60)?
11.  Future trends in Information Technology (2003)
12.  Decision Support Systems (DSS)
13.  Present an overview of Systems and Design and explain some important tools which have been used for system development (60).
14.  Information System and DSS (2004)
15.  How could business, leverage its investments in information technology to build a strategic IT Platform, that serves as a barrier to new entrants into its markets (60)?
16.  How can information technology help a business form strategic alliance with its customers, suppliers and others? Illustrate with examples (60). (2005)
17.  Models of database (2006)
18.  How do you justify the statement, Conventional role of Management Information System as standard information reporting system has changed to real time information support system? Give the components of emerging MIS in the contemporary environment (60).
19.  Trends in Information Technology (2007)
20.  You have completed the task of system development for a business firm of your choice. Discuss the model you adopted, define system objectives, draw document flow chart and system flow chart, define the input and output document, and how they are processed (60).

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