Tuesday, July 5, 2011

12. International Business - Topical Analysis

1.      Answer the following questions (1989)
1.      Critically examine recent developments in international trade scenario. Which of them are favorable to Indias export trade and which are not?
2.      What will be your advice to a manufacturer of leather fancy items who is thinking of breaking into international market.
2.      Operational Business Environment (2001)
3.      How do you track the impact of macroeconomic, business environment for deciding the operational environment of business (60)?
4.      Role of IMF and World Bank in the International Financial System
5.      Answer the following questions
1.      Define international business and bring out the differences between the domestic business and international business.
2.      Do you think international business is expanding in India? If so, explain the causes for growth (30 × 2 = 60).
6.      Human Development Index (2002)
7.      Documentation in international business
8.      Issues of TRIPs (2003)
9.      Comment on the effect of the TRIPS Agreement under WTO on Indian pharma companies with respect to their growth and development strategy (60).(2004)
10.  IMF and World Bank
11.  WTO is the Third Pillar of Global Business. Examine the statement with suitable examples (60).
12.  Regional Economic Co-operation (2005)
13.  Countrywise risk analysis is a difficult task and recent events is several countries have dramatised the importance of country risk analysis. Do you agree? Substantiate your answer with examples (60).
14.  Globalisation and its implications for Indian business (2006)

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