Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4. Accounting for Managers - Topical Notes

Financial accounting – concept, importance and scope, generally accepted accounting principles, preparation of financial statements with special reference to analysis of a balance sheet and measurement of business income, inventory valuation and depreciation, financial statement analysis, fund flow analysis, the statement of cash flows; 
Management accounting – concept, need, importance and scope; 
Cost accounting – records and processes, cost ledger and control accounts, reconciliation and integration between financial and cost accounts; 
Overhead cost and control, Job and process costing, Budget and budgetary control, Performance budgeting, Zero-base budgeting, relevant costing and costing for decision-making, standard costing and variance analysis, marginal costing and absorption costing.

Ratio Analysis; Deferred Revenue Expenditure; Cost Volume Profit; Profit Planning; Current ratio and debt; Fixed cost and Selling price on CVP; Business Forecasting; Joint Products Pricing; Cash Management; Average Collection Period (ACP); Zero Based Budgeting (ZBB); Target Costing; Transfer Price Mechanism; Activity Based Costing; Balanced Scorecard; Responsibilty Centers; Cost Drivers; Management Control System; Budgetary Control; Value Chain Analysis; Management Accounting; 

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