Tuesday, July 5, 2011

6. Marketing Management - Topical Notes

Concept, evolution and scope; 
Marketing strategy formulation and components of marketing plan; 
Segmenting and targeting the market; 
Positioning and differentiating the market offering; 
Analyzing competition;
Analyzing consumer markets; 
Industrial buyer behaviour; 
Market research; 
Product strategy; 
Pricing strategies; 
Designing and managing Marketing channels; 
Integrated marketing communications; 
Building customer satisfaction, Value and retention; 
Services and non-profit marketing; 
Ethics in marketing; 
Consumer protection; 
Internet marketing; 
Retail management;
Customer relationship management; 
Concept of holistic marketing.

Marketing Concept; Rural Marketing; Market Segmentation; Segmentation Strategy; Consumer Behaviour; Marketing Research; Marketing Information System; Advertising and sales; Target Market demographics; Sales Potential; Market Research Design; Brand Loyalty; 4P's; Sales Promotion; Advertising and Publicity; Marketing plan; Sales planning; Direct and Indirect Demand; Marketing Manager, role and responsibilities; Marketing Strategy; Environment Analysis; Estimating Demand; Product, Selling and Marketing Concept; Promotional Strategies; Differentiation; Marketing Intelligence System; Targeting, Positioning; Market Penetration; Product Development, Diversification; Mass Marketing; Target Marketing; Life style analysis; Distribution channels; Industrial Marketing; Pricing decisions; Marketing Function; Cost plus Pricing Method; Exploratory Marketing Research; Export Marketing; Social Marketing; Marketing Ethics; Product, Brand Name; Demarketing and Remarketing; Brand Equity; Qualitative and Quantitative Market Analysis; Services Marketing; International Buying; Forecasting; Product Mix; International Marketing

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