Tuesday, July 5, 2011

8. Production and Operations Management - Topical Notes

Fundamentals of operations management; 
Organizing for production; 
Aggregate production planning, capacity planning, plant design: process planning, plant size and scale of operations, Management of facilities; 
Line balancing; 
Equipment replacement and maintenance; 
Production control; 
Supply chain management - vendor evaluation and audit; 
Quality management; 
Statistical process control, Six Sigma; Flexibility and agility in manufacturing systems; 
World class manufacturing; 
Project management concepts, R&D management, Management of service operations; 
Role and importance of materials management, value analysis, make or buy decision; 
Inventory control, MRP; 
Waste management.

Plant layout; Production Planning; Maintenance Management; Materials Management; Value Analysis; Production Management Function; Product and Process Layout; Materials Planning System; Plant Design; Economic Capacity; Waste Management; Line Balancing; Standardisation; Reorder Point; Lot size scheduling; Location criteria; Quality Control; Aggregate Production Planning; Make or Buy Decisions; Process Design; Production Scheduling; EOQ; ABC Classification; Inventory Control; DGS&D; Control Chart; Statistical Quality Control; PERT/CPM; Project Planning and Scheduling; Value Engineering; JIT, TQM, CIM, CAD; Quality Circle; Supply Chain Management; Vendor Evaluation and Audit; Inventory Management; Quality Management; Two Bin System;

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