Tuesday, July 5, 2011

11. Strategic Management - Topical Notes

Business policy as a field of study; 
Nature and scope of strategic  management, Strategic intent, vision, objectives and policies; 
Process of strategic planning and implementation; 
Environmental analysis and internal analysis; 
SWOT analysis; 
Tools and techniques for strategic analysis - Impact matrix: 
The experience curve, BCG matrix, GEC mode, Industry analysis, Concept of value chain; 
Strategic profile of a firm; 
Framework  for  analysing competition; 
Competitive advantage of a firm; 
Generic competitive strategies; 
Growth strategies – expansion, integration and diversification; 
Concept of core competence, Strategic flexibility; 
Reinventing  strategy; 
Strategy and structure; 
Chief Executive and Board; 
Turnaround management; 
Management of strategic change; 
Strategic alliances, Mergers and Acquisitions;  
Strategy and corporate evolution in the Indian context.

Merges, Takeovers; Strategies; Porters 5 forces; Strategy, formuation, implementation; Environment Scanning; Strategic Decision Making; Vision Statement; Strategic Planning; Objectives, Vision, Mission; Corporate distress and restructuring; Dealing with global competition; Cost Driver Analysis; Competitive Advantage; Value Chain Management; Strategic Cost Management; Competitive Strategies; Strategy making pyramid; Strategic Management, behaviour; Outsourcing; SWOT Analysis; Business Portfolio Analysis 

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