Tuesday, July 5, 2011

12. International Business - Topical Notes

International   Business   Environment : Changing composition of trade in goods and services; 
India’s Foreign Trade: Policy and trends; 
Financing of International trade; 
Regional Economic Cooperation; 
Internationalisation of  service firms; 
International production; 
Operation Management in International companies; 
International Taxation; 
Global competitiveness and technological developments; 
Global e-Business; 
Designing global organisational structure and control; 
Multicultural management; 
Global business strategy; 
Global marketing strategies; 
Export Management; 
Export- Import procedures; 
Joint Ventures; 
Foreign Investment: Foreign direct investment and foreign portfolio investment; 
Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions; 
Foreign Exchange Risk Exposure Management; 
World Financial Markets and International Banking; 
External Debt Management; 
Country Risk Analysis.

International Trade; IMF, World Bank; International Business; HDI; TRIPS; Documentation; WTO; Country wise risk analysis; UNCTAD


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